privacy policy does not believe that people's privacy should be infringed upon.

The general policy for is very simple - any information you submit will not be given to anyone, for any reason, without your consent. does not rent, trade, or sell your personal information.

Please note that if you post in the forums, blog, or guestbook, you are required to give some contact information to discourage spammers and to allow people to respond to your comments. This contact information is made available by the respective scripts to other viewers of your comments. Be advised of this when you choose to enter information. Disposable emails are available for free at

Note also that many places where you can submit data to are not secure with SSL encryption and are transmitted across the net in plain text, meaning that there is a possibility that a malicious individual could intercept it in transit. For fully secure submissions to, please use this form.

While does its best to secure any data that is submitted, hacker attacks and security exploits do occur, and while makes every effort to secure its data, vulnerabilites are always possibly even in the most examined security systems. Remember to keep your passwords safe, and, as with any web site, be vigilant.

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